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Alvaro Shiraishi Named Co-Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Management updates for the International Portfolio

Cambiar implemented organizational principles to better drive performance and internal accountability, in the form of Decision Rights for portfolio actions. For the Cambiar International Equity strategy, those Decision Rights have been allocated to Cambiar President Brian Barish and Alvaro Shiraishi.  As co-Portfolio Managers of the strategy, they are charged with discretion in the buy/sell decisions. Previously, all buy/sell decisions were made by four senior members of the team.  Upon review, Mr. Barish felt that decision-making could be more fluid with a reduction in the size of the decision-making body. This change in decision-making subsequently contributed to the departure of investment Principal Jennifer Dunne.  As an organization, Cambiar places a premium on stability while also recognizing that change can be positive and is sometimes necessary.

Mr. Shraishi brings over 27 years of industry experience with the last 13 years here at Cambiar.  He will continue to also be the Co-PM for the Cambiar International Small Cap and Global Equity portfolio.







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